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Welcome to our Te Arawa Vision Journey

Te Arawa has been working to identify what our future can be. After more than a year of wānanga and discussions, Te Arawa has designed a Vision document to help us navigate a brighter and prosperous future.

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Ā mātau kōrero | About Us

Tō mātau whakapapa | Our history


The Te Arawa 2050 Vision is an initiative driven by Te Arawa, who wanted a new and united, Te Arawa Vision. A collective made up of decision-makers representing 16 Te Arawa mandated organisations came together to form a working group, Te Arawa 2050 Rōpū Whakahaere, which formed in February 2019, to develop a future plan.


Te Matakitenga a Te Arawa | Te Arawa 2050 Vision

You can read the Te Arawa 2050 Vision, in either te reo Māori or English, by clicking on the buttons below. 

For best use install and/ or update Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player to listen to the audio and videos embedded in the PDF files. For some devices, the audio player embedded in the documents may require you to right-click the three verticle dots on the right-hand side of the audio player to open files.

Te Matakitenga Hukihuki a Te Arawa | Draft Te Arawa Vision

Click the button below to read the draft version of the Te Arawa 2050 Vision developed with initial feedback from Te Arawa. The final version of the Matakitenga, mentioned above, was completed after another round of submissions on the draft document.  


Whakarewatanga Matakitenga a Te Arawa | Te Arawa Vision Event Launch

Te Arawa 2050 started with a blank canvas, to find out how Te Arawa envisages its future. A range of activities were undertaken to collate and analyse the moemoeā and aspirations of Te Arawa whānui. 

Te Arawa 2050 Rōpū Whakahaere, which was formed in February 2019, thanks everyone who took the time to give their feedback to lay the foundations of the Te Arawa 2050 Vision. 

A formal launch for the Te Arawa Vision document was held at Te Puia, Hemo Road in Rotorua on Sunday, 19 July 2020.

It was live-streamed by Te Arawa FM. You can watch the coverage by clicking the button below.

Whakaahua | Photos

From the Te Arawa 2050 Vision launch

By Janelle Marsters Photography


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